It All Started With A Lake


Meet Matt

Tahoe Blue founder and CEO Matt Levitt grew up in Maryland, but was always intrigued by the “romantic West Coast.” Armed with an undergrad business degree, a lifelong entrepreneurial spirit and a thirst for adventure, he hopped into his blue Ford Econoline van named “Bertha” and headed to California for a couple of weeks.

“It Blue Me Away”

On the last scheduled day of his West Coast trip, Matt arrived at Lake Tahoe. Amazed by the brilliant blue color of the lake, it was love at first sight. It didn’t take long for him to decide to stick around a few more days. Which turned into weeks…months…years and led to the idea for Tahoe Blue Vodka.

Genius In A Bottle

Tahoe Blue was born after a flash of inspiration: “Why not a Tahoe-themed vodka?” Something as pure, clean and fresh as the lake itself. It wasn’t the first time Matt had a big idea; most fizzled out after closer analysis. But the more he thought about this one, the more sense it made. So he dove into the spirits industry to learn all he could.

Better Water, Better Blend

Starting with fresh water sourced from Lake Tahoe was a no-brainer. After Matt teamed up with several master distillers, they came up with Tahoe Blue's unique (and delicious) 3-vodka blending process. Then they blind taste-tested their recipe against every gold-standard vodka brand on the market. Tahoe Blue them away.

The Proof’s In The Tasting

The initial response to Tahoe Blue was overwhelmingly positive. So much so that Matt began entering his vodka in major competitions. And winning. The culmination was being voted #1 Unflavored Vodka in the World at the prestigious Ultimate Spirits Challenge in New York in 2013. But of course, the ultimate judge is you.