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The Formative Years of Tahoe Blue Vodka
(without all the embarrassing family photos)




Matt Levitt, Founder & CEO

Made with pristine Lake Tahoe water, artfully distilled in small batches in Mountain View, CA, carefully bottled in Sparks, NV and distributed to vodka lovers all over the world, every beautiful bottle of Tahoe Blue Vodka has a story.

When we started Tahoe Blue Vodka, we believed we could make the best tasting vodka in the world. Bold? You bet. Naïve? Maybe. Stupid? Now now, there’s no reason to start throwing around names.

It began with creating the recipe for the original blend: 2 parts sugarcane, 1 part grape and 1 part corn—the same remarkable blend we continue to use today. Next we located the best source for our deliciously pure Tahoe water and partnered with an expert distiller in beautiful Mountain View, California.

Once Tahoe Blue Vodka was bottled and modestly distributed, the fun started to stir. Those who enjoyed our unique blend consistently commented on its clarity, its purity and its satiny smoothness—we liked what we were hearing. Thinking, “what the heck,” we entered our new vodka to compete in some of the country’s most respectable spirits competitions; then we began hearing judges say nice things too.

Tahoe Blue started bringing home awards from events like the Los Angeles International Wine & Spirits Competition and the San Francisco World Spirits Competition. In 2013 we won the big one, taking 1st place at the Ultimate Spirits Challenge in New York—beating out top players like Chopin and Belvedere for best unflavored vodka.

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