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Why Join Club 72?

Club 72 is a place to celebrate all those who love Tahoe Blue Vodka and the great outdoors!

We created Club 72 to show appreciation to our loyal Tahoe Blue Vodka drinkers by offering EXCLUSIVE DEALS, PROMOS, PRIZES and FREE SWAG…of the Tahoe Blue Vodka variety.
You may be wondering where the name Club 72 came from. Well, that’s how many scenic miles of shoreline surround Lake Tahoe…every one of them providing a pristine, photo-worthy backdrop for those living (or sipping) the Lake Tahoe Spirit.
Sound like your kind of club? Then take the short quiz below and join the party.

Which of the following vodkas did Tahoe Blue Vodka beat out at the Ultimate Spirits Challenge to win gold for Best Unflavored Vodka?