Club 72



Club 72 is a swanky collection of beach bums, snow birds, shredders, sailors, paddle boarders, tubers, boat cruisers, mountain climbers, log rollers, lodge loungers, cold bravers, hot tubbers, and sun kissers… all adventurous characters who pledge their allegiance to good times (and better vodka). 

And who dig EXCLUSIVE DEALS, PROMOS, PRIZES and FREE SWAG… of the Tahoe Blue Vodka variety.

Sound like your kind of crowd? Then join the party.




why72Because that’s how many deliciously scenic miles of shoreline surround Lake Tahoe… every one of them providing a pristine, photo-worthy backdrop for those living (or sipping) the Lake Tahoe Spirit.divider


We often share thrilling news, stirring tales, hot tips, moving pictures and other rousing experiences via our social media soapboxes. So if you don’t already like, follow or otherwise e-know us, you can fix that by clicking on the icons below.


*Club 72, Tahoe Blue Vodka and all affiliates are in compliance with state and national regulations in all regards. Free merchandise is not to exceed a certain value in order to stay in compliance with various regulations.

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