Bartender Hall of Fame: Highlighting Tahoe Top Shelfer, Dan Orr

Dan Orr, affectionately known to many as “Dan-O” is a South Lake Tahoe Native. He’s traveled far and wide living the Tahoe Spirit, and continues to do so. When it comes down to it, Dan ultimately, legitimately, fully loves calling Lake Tahoe home.

We caught up with Dan-O to get some info on his extensive career behind the bar.

The Stats:

  • Dan has been behind the bar, drink-slinging, for OVER 20 years.
  • His bar resume includes ski resorts, beach bars, golf courses, cruise ships, banquet events and private parties, among others.
  • South Lake Tahoe is his home town– “There are locals and then there are natives!”
  • In the summertime, he holds down shifts at The Edgewood Lake Tahoe Golf Course, among other places.
  • The Tahoe Spirit runs deep in Dan’s blood–his father, brother, sister, and Dan are all professional skiers. Dan’s new favorite sport is wakesurfing! Dan and his family enjoy all outdoor sports, including skateboarding, but no snowboarding … because skiers rule!
  • During a certain, nationally televised golf tournament, Dan served up drinks in the V.I.P. tent, where the celebs could request anything they wanted to drink. What drink did he serve most? Blue Lemonades made with Tahoe Blue Vodka!

So what does Dan serve up when someone asks for his specialty? Well, why not make one for yourself:

Dan O’s Tahoe Blue Vodka Midnight Blossom  Dan Orr Midnight Blossom Pic

Stuff you’ll need:

Tahoe Blue Vodka (of course)

Grand Marnier

Cranberry juice

½ lemon

½ orange


Ground Ginger Powder

Pure Clover Honey

Organic Brown Sugar

What you’ll do:

Place 2 martini glasses in the freezer

Make some kicked-up cranberry:

In a glass pitcher mix 2  cups cranberry juice, fresh squeezed 1/2 lemon, fresh squeezed 1/2 orange, tiny pinch of allspice, generous shakes of ground ginger powder.

Next in a Shaker with crushed ice add 4 oz Tahoe Blue Vodka, 2 oz of Grand Marnier and enough kicked-up cranberry. Cover and shake vigorously.

Next, remove martini glasses from the freezer

Dip rims in pure clover honey

Dip the honey-drippin glasses in pure organic brown sugar (Don’t be afraid to make a sweet, sexy mess)!

Strain the shaker into the sexy glasses

Add orange half-wheel for garnish

“Creating cocktails for you lovely people is what puts big warm smiles on our faces, yours and mine.”

-Dan Orr

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