We named our first-born vodka after this Lake; you’re darn right we’re going to protect it.

Made-with-Tahoe-Water-LogoTahoe Blue Vodka (through its parent company, Tahoe Spirits) energetically donates a portion of proceeds to support the ongoing, relentless efforts to preserve beautiful Lake Tahoe. This remarkable lake makes the top-ten list for world’s deepest lakes (second deepest in the U.S.), with an impressive maximum depth of over 1,600 feet.

Lake Tahoe supports an incredibly diverse environment in Northern California and Northern Nevada, filled with vigorous vegetation and numerous land and aquatic animal species. The Lake’s renowned clarity has stunned visitors since it’s discovery and continues to have first-time guests shaking their heads in disbelief. A number of non-profit and not-for-profit groups work diligently to protect the Lake and its surroundings from any number of threats that pose risk to the habitat, clarity and stability of Lake Tahoe.

Tahoe Blue Vodka is pleased to donate a portion of the proceeds of every purchased bottle to these dedicated outfits.

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