The Most Righteous Bloody Caesar Ever

November 10, 2014

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1.5 oz. Tahoe Blue Vodka

5 large dashes of Worcestershire sauce

5 dashes celery salt

5 dashes black pepper

Tabasco (to your liking)

Horseradish (to your liking)

Quarter lemon wedge squeezed and dropped in the mix

4 oz (or so) of Clamato juice

Add ice and shake


This Bloody may sound a bit involved, but when your guests are asking for the best Bloody they’ve ever had, they’ll expect to wait a few minutes for your masterpiece. First, prepare a standard pint glass. Take a lemon wedge and circle the rim. Roll rim in Montreal Steak Seasoning (or similar—we don’t get paid when you use Montreal specifically). Dump all ingredients into shaker. Shake. Pour into prepped pint glass. Garnish with as many treats that you can fit in the drink.

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