Searching for a Spirited Investment?

The World's Best Unflavored Vodka* is searching for qualified investors to help take the Lake Tahoe Spirit to the next level.

The original blended vodka is offering a unique blend of investment ingredients:

  • Opportunity & excitement not found in traditional investments
  • The chance to be part of Tahoe Blue’s journey
  • The opportunity to join an accomplished, recognizable, well-defined brand.

To distill more information from us and receive a Private Placement Memorandum, please email

Accredited Investors Only Please

*As voted by the Ultimate Spirits Challenge, 2013

This is not an offer to sell securities. An offer to sell securities can only be made through a registered offering (or under an applicable exemption) and through a formal Private Placement Memorandum. Each investor will be required to provide documentation evidencing their “accredited” status as required by U.S. securities regulations. For definition of accredited status. See: http://www.investor.giv/news-alerts/investor-bulletins/iinvestor-bulletin-accredited-investors.