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Show off your smarts (or gain new ones) by answering the following trivia about Tahoe Blue Vodka.
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Because that’s how many deliciously scenic miles of shoreline surround Lake Tahoe … every one of them providing a pristine, photo-worthy backdrop for those living (or sipping) the Lake Tahoe Spirit.

Question 1 of 5
Which of the following vodkas did Tahoe Blue Vodka beat out at the Ultimate Spirits Challenge to win gold for Best Unflavored Vodka?

 Chopin Belvedere American Harvest All of the above

Darn right! If we learned anything in Mr. Ellison’s 8th grade History class, it was to choose “All of the above” on multiple-choice quizzes.

Ummm, what? You know Tahoe Blue Vodka sent them all home packing.

Question 2 of 5
Tahoe Blue Vodka is Gluten-free, and contains NO WHEAT. Which of these vodkas can say the same?

 Grey Goose Skyy Absolut None of the above

Nailed it! Those other chums wish they could walk our gluten-free walk.

Yeah right, those others guys envy our gluten-free swagger.

Question 3 of 5
Which three ingredients is Tahoe Blue Vodka distilled from?

 A Unique Blend of Grape, Corn and Sugarcane A Unique Blend of Potatoes, Potatoes and Potatoes A Unique Blend of Grapefruit, Beets and Bark A Unique Blend of Rye, Hops and Malt

Bullseye. If you said we were the Original blended vodka, you’d be right on the money.

How dare you! We wouldn’t put THAT in our prized vodka.

Question 4 of 5
Tahoe Blue Vodka donates a portion of its proceeds to a lot of good causes, which of the following is one of them?

 Getting a Jacuzzi in the owners’ private jet Protecting beautiful Lake Tahoe Bringing the backyard game “lawn darts” back Supporting the effort to open a Rat Pack museum

Yes, yes, yes. There’s a big place in our hearts for that Lake … we even named our first-born vodka after it.

No, no, no. We thought we gave you a real softball here. Hope your friends aren’t watching.

Question 5 of 5
Tahoe Blue Vodka is headquarted in and operates out of South Lake Tahoe; where is Tahoe Blue Vodka distilled?

 Nearby Mountain View, California China Alaska The Moon

You’ve got a good head on your shoulders … just like Mountain View has a deliciously pure mountain-water source.

Wrong Answer: You really think Tahoe Blue would taste so delicious if it was distilled there?

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