Two Critics Walked Into a Bar…
They Both Came Out Drinking Tahoe Blue

Made-with-Tahoe-Water-LogoAs soon as we began distributing Tahoe Blue Vodka, we knew for certain our unique blend of grape, corn and sugarcane was special, out-of-the-ordinary and desired. The positive comments we received from those who enjoyed Tahoe Blue were astounding. We were curious and eager to find out whether or not judges, journalists and professional tasters would feel the same way. So, we began entering some of the most credible and respected spirit competitions in the nation, including the Los Angeles International Wine and Spirits Competition and the Denver International Spirits Competition.

Then, in 2013, we entered Tahoe Blue Vodka into the Ultimate Spirits Challenge in New York, which is the most widely recognized spirits competition in the nation, and quite possibly the world (depending on who you ask).

We were thrilled when our very own Tahoe Blue took home 1st place for best unflavored vodka—riding right over big-timers like Belvedere and Chopin. Below is a selection of the competitions in which Tahoe Blue has medaled (and in some cases trophied).

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